That's how you make a healthier, safer and more nutritious milk

All the dairy production is concentrated at CCGL LAC, in Cruz Alta. Southern Brazil has favorable soil and climate for growing highly nutritious pasture throughout the year. There the best breeds of dairy cattle from Europe adapt and produce excellent quality milk in any season, which is processed at CCGL.

Collecting of raw material in the properties is done by the company's logistics sector, ensuring that milk arrives faster to the industrial park and with its nutrients preserved. At the plant, the milk goes through several quality tests and, after its release, it flows in closed circuit with no contact with the external environment. After bottling, the product undergoes a few more quality tests before being released for consumption.

When you choose a CCGL product, you get quality since its origin. From raising the best dairy cattle to high investments in technology is where the dedication of all who work at CCGL and an assurance of a healthier, safer and more nutritious milk lies. A real milk.

Technology to Keep Milk and Nature Pure

Concerned about future generations, CCGL incorporated MVR technology to its process of milk concentration to produce milk powder. This modern ventilation system transforms electrical energy into heat energy, consuming less biomass and eliminating atmospheric emissions. Furthermore, the process exposes milk to a lower thermal injury, which retains flavor and nutritional components unchanged and provides consumer with a milk very similar to fresh.


CCGL has recently launched its cream and chocolate milk. In a plant with a production capacity of 240,000 units per day, the new unit brings further development to the region, strengthening the producers who work in the cooperative system. By increasing the product line our commitment to quality also increases. And for that to be perceived by the consumer, CCGL is launching new milk powder packaging. More modern and more beautiful, they value the product's origin and all the love involved in its production.